What the Heck is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling? Swishing coconut oil in my mouth for
20 minutes every morning? Gross, was my first thought.

Then I asked my health conscious friend, Melanie, about it.
When she told me that she “oil pulled” every morning
I figured I had to try it.  

I used cold pressed, unrefined, extra virgin
Kelapo brand Coconut Oil.


If you keep it in a cold area it stays solid, but once it’s warm it liquifies.

Put a table spoon in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes.
Then, spit it in the garbage (not sink, it’ll clog the pipes).
I wouldn’t see the harm in swallowing either, but I just spit it out.

20 minutes flew by and it wasn’t as gross as I thought.

Would I do it every morning? Probably not, but my mouth
did feel super fresh and clean.

Smooth on the lips, coconut oil could probably be used as lip balm.
But if these uses are enough for ya, check out some more
here: “50 of the Best Uses for Coconut Oil

Go nuts!


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