Healthy Alternative to Coffee

Okay, so I love my coffee but I’m trying to quit.

First, I decided to go decaf but wanted a more natural alternative. I drink lots of tea but it just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as coffee does. I’ve also heard about Crio Bru, which is made from cocoa beans. I’d imagine this to be super delicious but the cocoa beans still have caffeine.

 And caffeine is messing with me. Really, it plays around with my hormones and makes me a crazy person. Not to mention that it’s addictive. You can read more here.

I found this all natural, caffeine free instant beverage.


What’s in it? It’s made with roasted barley,
roasted malt barley, roasted chicory and roasted rye.

Could roasted grains possibly be as good as  the aromatic beauty of coffee?

The truth is, no.  It’s definitely not as good as coffee, but it’s not that bad and I hope it’ll wean me off my addiction. Otherwise this could be me.


Here goes, for this healthy alternative to coffee.

Wish me luck!


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