Oil Pulling, what have you done to me?

Is it bad that I crave coconut flavour now? What has the act of oil pulling done to me?

When I wake up I actually want to invest twenty minutes into swishing around oil in my mouth, for  that fresh kick… but sometimes I don’t have the time.

To get my coconut oil fix I use it as a lip gloss. I’ve checked around and most people have suggested mixing coconut oil, tea tree oil and vitamin E to make great balm. Actually, I don’t know how necessary the tea tree and vitamin E are, because using the coconut oil alone works for me.

I’ve also started to make a snack that tastes like a mix between cereal and ice cream. I mix together oats, raisins, dried bananas, chia seed or ground almonds, coconut oil and organic peanut butter. I am sure you can add cocoa or agave to sweeten it up even more.  It’s super yummy and healthy too.

But — my all time favourite dessert made with coconut oil is this raw cheesecake from The Rawtarian. Except, when I make it I always use almonds for the crust.


There is also this absolutely delicious raw chocolate and orange cheesecake from Mouthwatering Vegan. My friend Melanie made it for me over a year and a half ago.


I still dream about it. Truly.


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