Antelope Island


Antelope Island, Great Salt Lake State ParkWatch bison and antelope while taking in some scenic views of the surrounding Great Salt Lake.


Antelope Island is located west of the town of Layton, about 41 miles north of Salt Lake City. How to get there: Take Exit 332 off Interstate 15, drive west on Antelope Drive for 7 miles to the park entrance, then another 7 miles across a narrow causeway to the island.


Camp, go horseback riding, hike close to buffalo or visit the ranch. There are quite a few things to do here. The BBQ restaurant on site sold buffalo burgers, which we’ve heard were delicious, but didn’t stop to try.


We did stop to take some photos. It was a bit chilly, but warmed up during the day. If you come to this park in the summertime there are quite a few gnats. There is also a very fishy smell, which we expected.


What we did not expect were the incredible number of birds. Antelope Island is a hub for bird migration and there are even guides for bird watchers. We walked up toward the salt lake, thinking we could at least put our feet in. As we got closer we saw that the hundreds of rocks were actually thousands of dead birds lying helplessly on the sand.


More than 15,000 birds have died from what is suspected to be botulism, a rare illness caused by bacteria. Aside from this pretty traumatizing realization, we had a great time at this state park.

Oh, and I got this sweet vintage postcard of the people in the salt baths.


Very interesting history here in Salt Lake!


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