Two years ago I was in school, corresponding by mail with one of my best gals, Rachel. She was living in Korea at the time and I was back home really missing Seoul. Rach suggested that I sign up to Postcrossing, an online project that allows people to send and receive postcards from all over the world. So I did. I never thought that I would have been this committed. To date, I have collected over three hundred postcards from forty-five different countries.

You might be wondering what the point is to all of this. Simply, I enjoy getting surprises in my mailbox. Everyone gets bills and junk mail, but it’s nice to get a greeting once in a while — even if it is from a complete stranger. Another reason is that it connects me to the lives of many different people. It gives me the opportunity to share a bit of my life, memories or moments with people that I don’t know. I can write freely, knowing that the receiver isn’t likely to judge me.

Some may say that the internet has made letter writing a thing of the past, however, Paulo and the post crossing team have used the world wide web to connect people and inspire them to write to each other more often. In our fast paced lives it’s difficult to keep up with relationships. People often wonder how I have the time to write postcards or why I’d even want to. I make time for it because it’s a sort of therapy for me. Call me crazy but there is something very special, something human, about writing to someone.

What I love most about this project is that it’s based on kindness.

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Some may call it a hobby, others might consider it a breath of fresh air, but it’s become a part of my daily life. As I scroll through old sent and received postcards it feels like I’m reviewing a timeline of my history. I remember points when I selected and sent certain cards, what they meant to me at the time and how I felt as that person. The four postcards above, for example, were sent while I was living in Korea. Now, as a changed person, I am ready to continue sending new artifacts out into the world.

Sending lots of love to all my fellow Postcrossers out there!


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