“Where Children Sleep”

This is Alex, a 9 year old, from Brazil and this is his room.

11131-620x 12105-620x

These photos were taken by James Mollison who published “Where Children Sleep“.

There is an article being circulated, titled “16 Children and their Bedrooms From Across the World. This will Open your Eyes.” It has nearly 380,000 likes.

I was one of those “likes”…

However, this didn’t sit well with some people. I woke up to this post on my Facebook wall:

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, hardly natural, it’s airbrushed and refined. Even the rooms are so staged. Look at the American kids room with guns laying around and camo over everything. That’s just ridiculous. And then the Chinese, typical with the poster of Chairman Mao on the wall; the same dictator which reaffirms why the room has nothing in it…. Even the 15 year Geisha Girls (white face Japanese girl) roots date back over 1000 years and onward when the uneducated often young girls were prostitutes and the educated one were female servers and dancers. This 15 year old would hardly be educated at her age and her dressed in Geisha implies she’s a underage prostitute. Also typical in highlighting a sexual perverse Japanese culture were they sell used girls panties in vending machines in airports for Japanese business men.

These are the photos that seemed to be the most controversial.

Joey, 11, Kentucky, USA

1967-620x  2063-620x

I replied to these comments by saying:

The images of the children featured are just some of the photographs from James Mollison’s “Where Children Sleep”. If you look through the book online you’ll see that there are more children than the ones featured at the link I posted. Of course, the person who posted this webpage selected the stories/bedrooms that were the most controversial but I think there is more to it when you look through all of the photos. Check out 8 year old Harrison Granet from New Jersey. No guns in his room. Or how about Kaya Umeda, the little girl from Tokyo… she looks nothing like a Geisha. I don’t know how the author/photographer went about selecting the children, but I think this book is a great way to share people’s stories. I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all. I think it’s interesting.

Don’t judge by these photos alone. Take a look at all of the photos by clicking below.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.07.30 PM

Do you think the book raises awareness about different cultures and living conditions
or is it just perpetuating stereotypes?


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