Fave Korean Stationery Finds

I fell in love with Kyobo 교보문고 and YP Books 영풍문고 when I was an expat in Korea. Both stores sell books (of course), audio, video and stationery. Tons and tons of stationery!

I spent countless hours shopping through the isles, looking for fun new additions to my growing paper collection. No one quite measures up to Koreans when it comes to cute designs. They’ve got it down! Look at all this great stuff:


Notebooks, planners, stamps and calendars…



stickers of all shapes and sizes….


and happy labels to make you smile!


More stickers, stamps….


and teeny notebooks to jot down your thoughts.


Send a message in a bottle to a loved one. Or, 7 messages for the entire week.


Wow… 365 messages? Now that’s love!


Stock up on pretty lace tape to decorate.


Or… some new rabbit and kitty friends.

Seriously, these shops have every stationery gem you could imagine.

Missing you, Korea. xo



  1. I know, right? My boyfriend is going to Korea next month so I’m gonna ask him to bring me a box of this amazing stuff back for me. Knowing him, he’ll probably refuse because of my already enormous stockpile.

    1. Yes! They are super cheap in Korea… but here in USA (and in Canada) they are waaaay overpriced. One shop in Koreatown (Toronto) has more than doubled the price of the merchandise they sell. So sad 😦

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