South Korean Ferry Disaster

I had no intention of discussing politics when I created this blog but I do talk about “honest living” and there are some things that are very disturbing about the details surrounding the Korean ship that sank off the west coast. This is, of course, a tragic topic but I feel compelled to write about it because I want to share the complete BS that is going on.

I am really not sure what to believe. My boyfriend, who is Korean, has told me that the news is controlled by the government (which does not surprise me) so the news is showing live footage of divers going down and checking for the bodies — even blowing air into the ship?? – but actually it’s a lie and no one is out there looking. One of the divers said that they went down 3 days ago and everyone was dead. Why isn’t the government revealing this information? It is probably because they are so worried about how they will be perceived. This is an extremely problematic part of Korean culture that I just don’t understand. People are very worried about saving face.

When the frustrated parents found this out that the government was lying about rescue efforts they tried sending their own private group of divers down but the government stopped them. One news broadcasting company shared that they had rescued people so parents rushed to the scene only to find that was untrue. There was also a claim that the text messages from missing passengers were fake and the police are out to punish people who are sending them. This adds more heartache for parents, who are still waiting, hoping and praying for the return of their loved ones. I could not even imagine their devastation.

The group of parents have gathered near a gymnasium. The Vice Principal of the school had reportedly hanged himself from a tree near that area. The Vice Principal was one of the first rescued and told students to stay in their rooms, all while the boat was going down. Cultural hierarchy problem right there. You’d think that the children would say “Hey, sorry but I’m not listening to you”. Oh no, not in Korea. If your superior tells you to do something you follow their orders. It is so sad that he has taken his own life, but there are still tons of people waiting to be rescued in the cold waters.

With so many stories surfacing I am just not sure what the truth is. Why did the boat sink? Was the Captain, who has been issued an arrest warrant, guilty of conspiracy? Are politicians and the government working for the people or against them?

I hope people raise their voice about their frustrations and challenge those in power.


My prayers are that the suffering innocent victims will be rescued soon.
God, save them.


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