Our Visit to Moab

My boyfriend, Kiuk, and I spent three days in Moab. We visited Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. The greatest stop was at False Kiva, a truly remarkable class II archaeological site. Here are some photos of our travels along with more information about False Kiva at the very end.

IMG_1355Mesa Arch

IMG_1114Wilson Arch



IMG_0953 IMG_0974Dead Horse Point

IMG_0993  IMG_1130 Petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock


A kiva is a room used by modern Puebloans for religious rituals. They call this one (below) the false Kiva because the circle of rocks is of unknown origin, not the kiva itself. Yes, ancient peoples lived here.


Why did we decided to come to False Kiva? Twenty years ago Kiuk bought a large framed photo of this very scene. It is still hanging in his room back in Korea. He’s always dreamed of coming here. The view was absolutely spectacular. Hopefully, in twenty years we will have the opportunity to visit again. We wrote this little story in a comment book on site. 


Initially, I didn’t want to come because it’s a rough hike, there are no signs or indications on the map. The reason False Kiva’s whereabouts aren’t offered easily is because, since it’s a class II archeological site and people have somewhat destroyed parts of the kiva, the park does not want it to become a tourist spot. Which I agree with in a sense, yet on the other hand it’s a glorious site and people should witness the beauty.

I am glad I followed Kiuk’s lead on this one! We had such a great time 🙂

For information on how to get to this spot ask the park rangers at the “Island In the Sky” Information centre located in Canyonlands.



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