Don’t Worry, be Happy

Last month I stumbled into a coffee shop and, aside from things you’d normally find in a cafe, there were baking supplies, pieces of artwork and little trinkets. One stood out at me; it was a little doll-like figure attached to a piece of cardboard. The packaging said “Worry Doll” and claimed it’ll “take your worries away.” It seemed like some kind of voodoo doll at first, but then I turned it over.

On the backside it read: “People from a land far away believe that before you go to bed at night you tell your worries to your doll, place the doll under your pillow, when you wake in the morning your worries are gone.” Instantly I thought of a friend who I wanted to buy it for. When I looked at the price I was shocked. $17!?!

I decided to put the doll down and walk away… I could make my own “Worry Doll”. So today I finally found some time to DIY Worry Doll my morning. This is how it turned out.

photo 2

The friend who I will send this to is starting a new job half way across the world. Although she has been there before it will be a new experience and with new experiences come lots of worry. Don’t worry, be happy! Hope this worry doll comforts her along her journey.



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