Incoming Mail – May 6

 Today’s incoming mail included 6 postcards.
3 from the US, 1 from Elena in Ukraine, 1 from Siying in Singapore and 1 from Nataly in Belarus.


The card from Nataly in Belarus (bottom right) features the day of Victory in the Great Patriot War (WWII) in 1941-1945 against the German Nazis. She wrote that there are very large celebrations for this and the stamp shows the national Belarusian embroidery. She used a stamp that says “Welcome to Belarus” with the white stork which is a national symbol.

I am also very grateful for the Art/AD card that I received (the card with the white flowers). The artwork was done by a little boy who is part of the “Children’s Art Project” which funds programs for children with cancer. The sender’s family donates to this cause and collects the art postcards. This just warmed my heart.



Question: what do you think the image is on the Singaporean stamp above?
I have absolutely no idea!
Always fun to receive interesting stamps and mail.



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