Sealing Wax & Seal Stamp

Today I was going through my old stuff and I came across this gem. It’s a rose seal stamp with some metallic red sealing wax. An old friend of mine brought it back for me after a trip to China. He knew that I loved to send mail. It was a thoughtful gift but, sadly, I’ve only used it once.

I guess I should put it to good use more often, especially since there are loads of lovely colours available online! I have read, however, that red and black were once the two only acceptable colours. The history of this sealing stamp is quite interesting and it’s a shame that people don’t use it anymore.


This impression is of a rose but there are many other designs, including a monogram of initials. It’s pretty easy to use but does take a bit of time. I imagine it would take ages to seal invitations to a wedding.

The sealing stamp was considered one of the earliest forms of security. If the seal was broken that meant trouble… but now, it’s more of a decorative symbol that reminds us of a time long long ago. Can’t wait to try this out again and use it on some outgoing letters.



    1. My friend who picked this up for me left the tag on it, which read 45 00 RMB (Chinese currency) and 45RMB is $7.22 American. The ones I’ve seen on Etsy are all double, triple and even four times the price! Maybe you can find the set on ebay or another website though.

    1. Hi Amber! yeah! I’ve read about that. I also found out that you could put wax in a glue gun and use that. The only thing is that the seal might get cut off when it’s going through the post.

      1. Lol hopefully everyone knows that’s what happened and didn’t leave a mark so they don’t think you spilled your lunch on it.

  1. Ah! My friend gave me one with my initials on it and it was a really fancy set, too pretty that I have not even used it since she gave it to me. Must rummage through my stuff later and get a look.

    Lovely post Stephanie!

    1. o0o0 that’s fancy! would love to get one with my initials! I have seen some wedding seals with the initials of the bride and groom!

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