Incoming & Outgoing – May 16

Five outgoing pieces today:
 One parcel for Jessica in California, USA. Actually, this one is a special “spring themed” swap for the Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange. She really loves Disney so I hope she likes the Mickey Mouse I attempted to draw and the secret goodies inside!

Also sending out four postcards.
To China, South Korea, Canada and India.
I bought the bottom right postcard at a little art studio in Phuket, Thailand. The lady working at the studio is featured on the card and her husband, Veerachan Usahanun is the artist. She told me that this was done before they were married. He also painted another image after they married where his wife was depicted in a very different way. You might not be able to tell in this image, but his fantasy portraits are extremely detailed.
I hope the receiver enjoys the card.

Yahooo! Eight pieces of incoming mail today!
3 letters: One from Sherry in Pennsylvania, USA.

A lengthy letter from Eve in Finland.
This one was beautifully decorated with washi tape and newspaper clippings. 
And one from Amber in Kitchener, Canada.
There was a beautiful “Inspire” seal that she sent along with her pretty letter.

5 Postcards:
IMG_1453  IMG_0248
Received from Susan in USA, Nurul in Malaysia, Kozdo in Ireland,
Agnesl in Latvia and Petza in Belgium.

Great mail day 🙂



    1. Esther, thank you for organizing this swap. Glad that I got the opportunity to participate. Hopefully Jessica gets her surprise soon. So overwhelmed by the number of mail I’ve been receiving as of late. I love it!

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