Incoming Postcards: May 19-29

In the last ten days I’ve received 31 pieces of mail!
Here are the postcards…

Postcards from USA (11), South Korea (2), Singapore (1), Finland (1), Thailand (1), Russia (1), Canada (1), France (1), Bulgaria (1), Japan (1), Germany (1), Latvia (1) and Slovenia (1).

The card on the bottom left had some really fun stamps.
I’ll have to save those for another post though.


The postcard on the top right (below) I took upside down (ha, sorry!)
But it’s a pretty amazing vintage card called “Navigating Train Stations”.


Four out of the five postcards below have writing in a different language.

Top right (above) says “All obstacles and difficulties are steps on which we climb in attitude”.
I’m not sure about the quote on far bottom left (below) card but on the back there is a quote written. It says “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein.


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