Incoming Letters: May 19-29

I got some great letters this week too! 7 in total.
Emma, Kara, Judy and Sarah (USA), Amber (Canada), Jakob and Renate (Germany).

IMG_3476 IMG_3483
Here is my first letter from Kara  on some old-fashioned type stationery.
IMG_3482 IMG_3481
This gorgeous cherry blossom gold card, super long letter and postcard came from Sarah.

I also received a sweet letter from Amber on butterfly paper.


Last but not least, this spectacular pack from Emma!! A letter written on some handmade stationery, a wash tape envelope and some note cards with fun Taiwanese cartoons.

Loved all of my incoming mail this week! Thank you!
Responses are in the mail 🙂



    1. Elle!! I just opened it yesterday! I can’t wait to take a few snapshots of your amazing calligraphy/paper goodies! Will post (and send a reply letter) soon 🙂

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