Incoming, Outgoing and Samples

I love samples, chocolate and vintage stamps and this incoming bunch was filled with just that!

IMG_3506 IMG_3502 IMG_3507 IMG_3503

Top left: A super sweet sample pack from Germany. Included: almond blossom salt and oil bath, Bio-acai cream and shower gel, organicum shampoo, a biomaris therapy mask (plus shampoo and intensive cream) and Speick natural shower gel.

Top right: A postcard from Margie (USA) and one from Germany that says “Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands”. Ironically, I have just started a cleanse diet. Ha!

Bottom right: From Sarah. This lady always sends incredible mail! I couldn’t believe that she made this stationery herself using vintage stamps. I also really loved the pretty envelope and postcards. My goodness! Definitely one of my faves! Thank you!

Bottom left: Outgoing mail to Sarah, Sher, Michelle and David (USA) and Elle (Singapore).
Sending or receiving… I’m not sure which I love more!



    1. It was a sample swap on The rules were to send two people 5-6 samples each. I’m waiting for another sample pack to arrive. I was pleased that these came all the way from Germany and now I can try some new products!

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