A Postal Experiment

I have so much 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ coloured card stock so I decided to make some mini envelopes. I found that these teeny pockets were the perfect size for tea sachets. Don’t they jazz things up? My inspiration came from Shelley’s fantastic Teacup Card post. I realized that I had quite a few varieties of tea so made more mini envelopes to put them in!


The envelopes can be used for notes or small extras, too!
I think I’ll save them for some outgoing mail.

Now here is my “postal experiment”. I call this an experiment because I’m not sure if the goods will arrive at their destinations. I decided to put the envelope and tea packet into cellophane packaging, sealed it and added a stamp. When I showed my mom she said “Are you sure that’ll make it in the post? Don’t they put each letter through some kind of machine?”
This worried me.

My hope is to send some unique snail mail to friends overseas and surprise them.
Fingers crossed! I hope they receive these little packs and will be able to sip some delicious tea from afar.  


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