Incoming Mail

A gorgeous thank you card from Carol, Kara’s grandma.IMG_3519

 I didn’t expect this at all. A while back, Kara’s grandmother went in for surgery and (even though I don’t know her personally) I was on board with sending her a get well card. Such a lovely idea for Kara to organize this for her grandma. I am so happy that my card (and all of the other cards that were sent) reached her safely and made her day. Glad to hear that Carol is doing well.

It was so sweet to receive her thankful words.
I also love how the card is laser cut. It is so delicate and classy!


Maria sent this vintage ad card from Russia.

Here is a card from J Kim, my new pen pal in Korea.
She got this card (below) while she was visiting Turkey.



I’m really glad that we’re swapping because now it’ll give me more opportunity to read and write in Korean. Tonight I am taking part in a Korean-English language exchange.
Hopefully that goes well.
Looking forward to more sending and receiving this week 🙂





  1. Michelle, they are nice, aren’t they? Korea has some wonderful stamps but for some reason the post office doesn’t use them unless you ask (well, that was my personal experience). I’ve seen some pretty awesome domestic ones there.

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