Incoming Mail – June 22

I’ve received lots of lovely letters this week!
I’m a little behind on some replies because it’s been a pretty busy summer.
I’ve had to pick lots of cherries off my tree (not complaining – but it does take time).
Hope I can bake a cherry pie soon. Mmmm!
I’ve also been doing more yoga and on Sunday I’ll run a charity 5km race. Gahhh!!

Anyway, on to the snail mail.
Here is my first letter from Debbie.


 She included nice stationery with her own design and a lovely bookmark! IMG_3575
This letter is from Sarah. The postcard is from an aquarium that she went to on a field trip.

The stationery she used was also self-printed. What creative pen pals I have! 🙂IMG_3580

Here is a pretty letter from Kara in the UK.
I really love this “Bend it like Beckham” stamp.
Just in time for world cup? 😉 

  Below is a postcrossing letter from Elena in Belarus.
Funny, this is what I always say: “My diet starts tomorrow” haha!

Do you think this card is bizarre?? It was sent as part of a “bizarre/ugly/tacky” card swap…
but honestly, I really like it! It reminds me of being a child and going to the dentist.
I never minded the dentist much. I think it’s because I always got a prize from the treasure chest before leaving. I could see how this might be disturbing to some people though.


Finally, Liza sent me this spring card from Russia.
IMG_3581Goodbye Spring! Today is the first day of Summer 🙂
I enjoyed dinner out on the patio. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


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