Postage prices

Wondering if my British pen pals will send less since the price of postage will increase by the end of the month. Found this info from the article “Which country has the most expensive postal charges?


They say that “In the BBC’s survey of 65 countries around the world, Norway’s $1.67 (£1.05) postage still comes out on top.” I wonder if this is for domestic postage or international. Canadian prices are $0.85 domestic and $2.50 international.


For Peruvians to send a letter the cost is just as much as travelling “across the Peruvian capital, Lima, three times in a bus.” Yes, that’s a lot of money for Peruvians.

It would be nice to have the same postage prices as in Bangladesh. Only $0.05 to mail a letter. Incredible! I wish the prices were similar (and affordable) worldwide. Sigh.



  1. This article is old. Our second class stamps are 53p, first class is 62p. Our international stamps to Europe (weight up to 20g) is 97p and £1.42 for over 20g. International stamps to other countries (up to 10g) is 97p, between 10 and 20g is £1.28 and higher than 20g is £2.15.

  2. Oh my gosh you’re right – this is waaay old. Two years old now. Didn’t realize it. It always makes me sad to hear about postage increases and I just wish it could be affordable for everyone. Good to know you’ll still write! As for me, I’ve been totally swamped this summer but getting around (slowly) to writing back to everyone 🙂

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