Incoming Mail from Jun in Korea

Korean is difficult and it’s been many years since I began studying. Finally, I’ve found a pen pal who is interested in exchanging postcards that are written in Korean. I must say, this is an awesome way to study a new language. Although my Korean is far from fluent, it’s great  practice and I’m glad that I can write to someone who is willing to help out. She always sends such pretty cards that remind me of beautiful Korea.

IMG_3938 IMG_3939

Thanks Jun!
A reply it on its way.



    1. Try! There are people from all over the world who have signed up. It’s great – send a postcard to someone and receive a random one from somewhere else. You can also contact users who want direct swaps. It’s worth a shot if you’re interested in learning new languages 🙂

      1. Fab stuff. Thanks! Time to reciprocate- an app I’ve found useful is HelloTalk. It’s essentially a messenger service for language learners with a built in microphone so you can chat to a native to your heart’s content.

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