Postcards from my future Nephews

Every once in a while I’m so moved by the incoming mail I receive. My fiancé, Kiuk, has a beautiful family. They are accepting, kind… just really great people. Kiuk’s older brother and his wife have three little boys. They are 2, 4 and 6 years old and enjoy life in Korea. I was lucky enough to spend time with them while I was living there.


The day these gems arrived at my house I wasn’t sure who sent them… until I kept reading. “How cute!?” I thought. This is really one of the best gifts anyone has ever sent! I’ll try to translate… the writing is really cute.

from dongwoo

“Dear Aunt Stephanie, Hello! This is Dongwoo the second son.
How are you doing, Stephanie? I miss you. I love you. Bye”


from beommo

This postcard is from Beom Mo, the first son (eldest).
He writes “Aunt Stephanie, Hello. It’s Beom Mo. Have you been doing well? I am good and the summer was good [or something like that.. haha clearly, my Korean skills aren’t that great]. I went to the beach and the waterpark. Have you been doing well, Stephanie? I really miss you. Next year, I will come to your wedding in Canada. I love you. Bye”

Seriously, I’m so lucky! These little guys are the best – ever! Thank you to my future sister in law, Yujeon Onnie for sending these over. Love and miss you all!



  1. Receiving hand written post in this time of email/blog/twitter etc is so nice, it feels like somebody has made an extra effort.

    And these postcards are extra special as they come from your nephews to be, so cute!

    1. It’s true!! I haven’t seen the boys in a long time… sometimes their mom sends videos, but I feel a little more connected through writing.

      Also, I can cherish these cards for many years to come and hopefully show them to my nephews when they are old enough 🙂 I think they’d like that – kinda like old photographs or looking at old keepsakes.

      You’re right, in this technological age, sometimes we underestimate the power of sending a letter. It is such a treat!

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