Birthday Goodies


In my last post I uploaded pics of birthday cards from Emma and Sarah. Here are some others! Above is a handmade card from a swap-bot group that I am part of. So sweet of them to send a birthday greeting 🙂


And here are some more cards from lovely friends and family!


I got this uber kitchy Korean card from Samantha, who searched far and wide for it in Toronto. Wrapped in teeny shimmery paper was this “fighting” stamp. I can’t wait to use it on outgoing mail and postcards. It’s very small but oh-so-cute! It means good luck or you can do it!!



Dimitra surprised me with this Korean Girl charm and bracelet from Pandora! We are both expecting that this charm will bring good luck to me in the future!! haha!


Renate from Germany sent best wishes with this card, which reads “birthday”. I learned something new today. Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes. I love you all! 🙂


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