Air Mail Envelopes

Twelve of these sweet air mail envelopes for 500 won (around 50 cents). Love the paper goods here.






  1. Hi Stephanie – I am desperately trying to track down these envelopes for my wedding save the dates. Since I can’t read the Asian characters, could you tell me where you got them from?

    1. Hi Kimya,

      Congratulations on your engagement!

      I bought these at a store called Daiso. (
      Unfortunately, I could not find them offered online… but luckily they ARE available in store.

      The dimension for these are 9cm x 17.5cm.
      How many do you need and when do you need to send these out by?

      Please let me know the details (and if the size works) and maybe I can help get these into your mailbox so you can share the good news with your family and friends!

      1. Thank you SO much, Stephanie!!! But I just realized that the dimensions are too small :(. I need at least a #10 size envelope so unfortunately these won’t work with my save the dates. I really appreciate your help, and if you have any other recommendations of where I might look for vintage-style airmail envelopes, I would sincerely appreciate it!

        Thanks again!

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