Month: January 2015

Wedding Invitation Samples from THE CARD

Check out this amazing sample pack we received in the mail. Kiuk and I decided to order invitations from Korea since they are generally less expensive than in Canada. I found this website where they sell wedding invitations (or ์›จ๋”ฉ์นด๋“œ) called THE CARD.

I searched for some cards that I liked and a few days later this came in the mail!
They were really good quality… I’m not surprised ๐Ÿ™‚



Here are some of my favourites.

Unknown-6ย ย Unknown-5



Unknown-3ย ย Unknown-2

And who doesn’t love these cute food coupons? I didn’t even know what these were for until I attended a wedding last weekend. After giving your monetary gift and signing your name, a friend of the bride or groom who sits at a desk and collects the money will hand you a food coupon. After the short ceremony, you’ll redeem it for a meal (usually buffet).

We will need these for our Korean traditional ceremony and I really love the ones of the bride and groom wearing their hanboks! There are so many things to do before the big day!!