Month: July 2014

Goodies from Theresa and Gabrielle

Theresa from USA sent me these very cool vintage postcards. In her envelope were also some Sandylion stickers (which take me back in time too) and a fairy/fantasy themed stationery set. I have started collecting vintage looking cards, especially the “vogue” postcards.


I also received this six page letter from fellow Canadian, Gabrielle. Her handwriting is just perfect and she also has artistic flair because of the cool handmade envelope. She included a postcard of  West Coast BC and I am so excited to witness the scenery firsthand. I will move there at the end of the year and I’m SO excited!


A Letter from Emma


Emma sent me this letter and some more Korean speech bubble stickers 🙂
Such pretty stationery. I love it! I’ve just finished writing her a reply.
Seems that most of us are so busy this summer… we should be relaxing in the sun, right?
haha – nope. Glad to have this superwoman as a pen pal.

Nonna’s Panini


Yesterday I went to my Nonna’s (Italian grandmother’s) house and she had tons of these paninis cooling on the stovetop. She in her eighties, has raised 5 boys and continues to work out in her garden and cook daily. This woman is such an inspiration. She makes her own dough and stuffed these heavenly breads with greens from her garden and sausage that she made herself.


Hopefully I can learn from her and carry on the tradition.
What traditional dishes do your elders make?

A “Lovely Letter” from Jessica

I participated in “Lovely Letters” snail mail exchange and received this great pack from Jessica.
A weekly planner pad, notecards, a nail file and sunny nail polish (perfect for July).
I was excited to get this package in the mail and it felt like my birthday as I unwrapped it.


Such a treat! Thank you Jessica! 🙂

Outgoing & Incoming Updates

Oh gosh… I have really been MIA lately because I’ve been super busy. Can’t believe how quickly the summer is flying by. I haven’t been sending as many poscrossing swaps these days because I can’t bear to keep myself indoors (and the insane amount of postage). Still trying to get to all of my pen pals and lovely friends all over the world, despite the hiatus.

The card above is from Jun in South Korea. She says that these blankets are given to newly engaged couples and represent their new life together. I learned something new 🙂

Got this “hand of friendship” from Carla. She also sent some very cute little handprints that I can use for future crafts! yay!

Sonny sent me this unique hand-drawn card from a cafe we would frequent when I was living abroad. He slapped on this super fun stamp, too! I miss this guy. What a great friend he is.


Below is a crafty envelope and lovely letter from fellow Canadian blogger, Amber.

She ended her note with this great bird stamp.

Christina spoiled me with these stickers, letter and awesome stationery. 



She said she has had this for a really long time… but it’s new to me and I can definitely put it to good use. I always appreciate new and different stationery.

Thank you to everyone who has sent letters this past little while. Here are a few outgoing envelopes that I’ve sent out within the last week or so. I haven’t been able to keep track of all outgoing mail but I’m trying my best. I had fun making this envelope from magazine paper. It’s smaller than a regular letter size, but I think it’s unique.


Sending this one out to a swapper who loves Hello Kitty and stamps.


Trying to get new stamps these days. The lady on this stamp (above) is Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Canadian human rights advocate. She is a “respected voice for environmental issues that affect the traditional Inuit way of life… she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and recognized by The Globe and Mail as a Nation Builder of the Decade“. Other Difference Makers as part of this collection, include: Rick Hansen, Michael J. Fox, and Louise Arbour.

Have a great weekend 🙂