Month: August 2014

Incoming Mail from Jun in Korea

Korean is difficult and it’s been many years since I began studying. Finally, I’ve found a pen pal who is interested in exchanging postcards that are written in Korean. I must say, this is an awesome way to study a new language. Although my Korean is far from fluent, it’s great  practice and I’m glad that I can write to someone who is willing to help out. She always sends such pretty cards that remind me of beautiful Korea.

IMG_3938 IMG_3939

Thanks Jun!
A reply it on its way.


So I’m getting Married

Kiuk and I engaged! Big news, right?
It happened a few months back but we were kind of low key about the whole thing… and then I got a card in the mail from Emma! How sweet! You’re awesome for thinking of me! I loved receiving this card ❤


I also got this gorgeous bouquet of flower’s from Patricia. It was so thoughtful!


My goodness, I did not expect either of these!
What an incredible surprise 😀

We will have two weddings: one in Toronto and the other in Seoul, Korea where we met.
Both will be held in October, 2015. Very excited 🙂

Crafts and some Outgoing Mail

I was feeling crafty so I decided to revisit my collection of old paper goods, hoping that I could create something new. I used some stickers and deco tape to spice up these old library cards and added labels to pink victorian borders from an old book. Now, I can use these stickers on an envelope or send these vintage inspired cards out to friends.

IMG_3948 IMG_3945

I also sent two letters out today. One thing I really hate about Canada post is that whenever I ask for stamps they always give me the super boring ones. (In all fairness, I guess I should ask for a variety of different stamps but there is always a lineup or the representatives are so bitter so I don’t bother).

I’m really looking forward to the new “Legends” collection, featuring a variety of Canadian country artists. I’m not much of a country fan but new stamps are always nice. The only unfortunate thing is that they’re domestic.


I digress.  I like to add these sticker stamps to make the envelopes look less plain. Hopefully the receivers find these notes in their mailboxes soon enough!

Incoming mail from Heather

Heather in Scotland made her own envelope and sent this letter and postcard of a “Japanese Lady with a Fan” (1894). When I found the letter in my mailbox it had a plastic envelope covering her mail. I guess Canada Post took the time to make sure that the contents didn’t fall out of the original handmade packaging.

IMG_3936 IMG_3942

The postcard on this image was originally oil on canvas by George Henry (1858-1943). Heather’s writing is beautiful and it was a surprise to hear from her. Thank you! I’m so happy that this letter made it to me in one piece!

A surprise postcard!

Couldn’t agree more with this quote: “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” Indeed!!

Em's Den


The lovely Katharina in Germany was waiting for my letter to arrive but it got lost in the post (hence my second attempt letter that you can see in my previous post). In the meantime, she sent this postcard to update me on what she’s been up to and it was a lovely surprise! 🙂

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Handmade Envelopes

Instead of throwing away old magazines why not make your own envelopes? Here are some recent outgoing letters that I stuffed into envelopes made from folded Korean magazine paper. I had finished reading (or at least attempted to read) a free magazine and I love the look of Hangul so I thought I’d recycle by turning all that waste into fun envelopes.



Once you decorate them with stickers and stamps they really come together.


You can check out the folding template below.


I was inspired by this handmade newspaper envelope that I received from a friend out in BC.
The design possibilities are endless and each envelope is different. They are all so unique because of the fact that no two pages in a magazine are the same 🙂



I think it makes letters extra special when you decide to send an envelope with some colour or print instead of a plain white one. In any case, these were fun to make and now I have a huge stack of them. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂