Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

I recently participated in the April Lovely Letter Snail Mail Exchange. My partner, Barb, and I sent each other colourful themed goodies! She’s a fellow Canadian and it was so nice to receive some mail from the great white north! The mail came quick! I was surprised since Canada post usually takes forever. She’s still waiting on my package, which will be there soon – hopefully! I really hope she likes what I sent!

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.21.07 PM

Okay, so a bit about the parcel. Woohoo!! Yay, mail! When I saw it I knew by the size of it that it was a “Lovely Letter”. Most of my other mail is relatively small in size.

Mail tragedy: When I turned it over I realized that there was a rip 😦 Nooooo, mail carriers, please care for our mail like you would a small child! Am I the only one who gets sad when something like this happens? When I opened it I saw bubble wrap – amen to that – secured with some fun washi tape. I love surprises!!!

There is one thing I saw as soon as I opened the envelope. Yummy yummy chocolate! SMARTIES! I have never ever seen smarties in Korea, so this was very special! It was a chocolate egg with colourful smarties inside, but sadly I couldn’t get a pic since I scarfed it down as soon as I saw it. A bit of it melted, but thankfully the other goods weren’t affected. And on to the other gifts….

Look at how this lady spoiled me! Amazing stuff!! Along with the chocolate, a set of colourful hilighters, a wonderful memo book (that I will definitely put to good use at my new job), three pretty note cards, organic earl grey tea (can’t wait to try it while writing some cards) and a beautiful “Birthday Rafiki” friend chain! What I loved most about the chain is that it can be a necklace, bracelet, anklet or headband…. and the chain supports education in Free the Children communities. Barb’s purchase has provided children with tools that empower them to lead happy lives. 🙂 Thank you, Barb! Such a thoughtful snail mail pal and person!


I’ll be sending Barb a thank you note soon. Be sure to check out her blog! Oooh and take a look at Lovely Letters, too!

Happy mailing, everyone!! 🙂

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Received my first Snailmail !!

Update: Jessica received my outgoing mail 🙂


Hey there!!

How are you all doing? 😉 I am very excited to share with you “my first ever snailmail”! There is just something about checking your post daily and knowing you will be receiving an oldfashioned letter! I was lucky to get to know some people through instagram and blogs to have find some penpals! I even received a little “Happy mail”! To start of with this picture:


So this was the first snailmail! I got this cute “homemade” envelop from Stephanie from South-Korea! I love how she used magazine paper to make it! It looks really unique. Beside the cute letter she wrote me she gave me some Korean tea! I will try that out very soon! She also gave me some Korean coffee. I’m so curious to try Korean products, so I’m very excited! She also gave me “Tiny Cute Stationery”! Just look at that little envelop…

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7 Ways to Find a Pen Friend

Recently, a fellow blogger asked how I connect with people who love snail mail as much as I do. In this post, I’ll list some sites/projects that have helped me find and maintain pen pals all over the world. Surprisingly, letter writing isn’t as much of a dying art as people tend to think. I’ve found that there still many people who continue to write and send mail. Do you participate in these projects or know of any others? Check these out and hopefully you’ll meet a few pen-pals along the way!

1. Postcrossing 

What is it? “It’s a project that allows anyone to receive postcards (real ones, not electronic) from random places in the world.” I have received 362 postcards and sent 359 – been a member for 3 years. 

LOVE: It’s super easy. Every postcard you send out, you’ll get one in return. It’s great because sending postcards is more affordable than packages. It’s totally random and you have the opportunity to meet people from all over. Great for postcard and stamp collectors. 

MEH: Some people write a line or two and you never really get to know them. After you receive their postcard you can thank them… but that’s usually where it ends. Sometimes users are interested in private swaps, but it generally ends up being a one-for-one swap. 

 2. Swap-Bot

What is it? “On Swap-bot, you can host swaps, join swaps, and chat with other swappers from all over the world.” I have completed 43 swaps with a rating of 5.0 since April 2014. 

LOVE: Not limited to postcards, you can send and receive tons of stuff: generally stationery, art trading cards, washi tape, paper goods, tea, samples etc (the list is endless). Easy instructions and a good way to connect. Go for the “pen-pal” or “long letter” swaps, generally people continue writing… even after the swap has ended. 

MEH: People are hardcore about swaps here. If you flake out and don’t send… everyone gets upset (for obvious reasons) so don’t join this if you aren’t serious about sending things out. If your rating is low you’ll basically be banished so choose swaps wisely and send only when/if you can. 

3. Lovely Letters 

What is it? “A monthly snail mail exchange where you can make international pen friends.”

LOVE: There is a different theme every month and  guideline of $7 or less per package. You must email your partner to get to know them before you send the package. You’re paired with a different partner each month. You can participate monthly or join in intermittently whenever you want. 

MEH: Each package should have a tracking number when shipped. Since it’s considered registered mail it could become costly depending on where you live.  

These are the three sites that I use most frequently.

Here are some other great ways to make pen friends….

  • Interpals
  • Happster Mail
  • Facebook Groups: ie. Penpal Fever, Penpal all over the world etc.
  • Instagram: #snailmail, #penpalrevolution, #penpaling, #penpalswanted etc.
  • Or you could start a blog (if you don’t already have one).

Happy mailing, everyone!!