Month: September 2014

Birthday Goodies


In my last post I uploaded pics of birthday cards from Emma and Sarah. Here are some others! Above is a handmade card from a swap-bot group that I am part of. So sweet of them to send a birthday greeting 🙂


And here are some more cards from lovely friends and family!


I got this uber kitchy Korean card from Samantha, who searched far and wide for it in Toronto. Wrapped in teeny shimmery paper was this “fighting” stamp. I can’t wait to use it on outgoing mail and postcards. It’s very small but oh-so-cute! It means good luck or you can do it!!



Dimitra surprised me with this Korean Girl charm and bracelet from Pandora! We are both expecting that this charm will bring good luck to me in the future!! haha!


Renate from Germany sent best wishes with this card, which reads “birthday”. I learned something new today. Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes. I love you all! 🙂


Incoming Letters from some fabulous Ladies

A stack of letters has accumulated over the last week. These lovely ladies sent amazing cards, as usual! So grateful to have such amazing pen pals.
IMG_4119A victorian style stationery set with a Hello Kitty envelope: From Anne in Canada

A super cute birthday letter: From Emma in the UK!! 🙂

I haven’t heard from Tanja in Slovenia for a really long time, but I was happy to get this letter from her! A reply is on its way!


A letter with an”Old Town Alexandria” Postcard and a beautiful birthday card: From Sarah

A handwritten note and some fun stamps from Rachel in South Korea


and finally… From Debbie in the UK. She makes her own envelopes and has some incredible mail art. A very talented lady 🙂

I love each and every one of these! Thank you 😀

Postcards from my future Nephews

Every once in a while I’m so moved by the incoming mail I receive. My fiancé, Kiuk, has a beautiful family. They are accepting, kind… just really great people. Kiuk’s older brother and his wife have three little boys. They are 2, 4 and 6 years old and enjoy life in Korea. I was lucky enough to spend time with them while I was living there.


The day these gems arrived at my house I wasn’t sure who sent them… until I kept reading. “How cute!?” I thought. This is really one of the best gifts anyone has ever sent! I’ll try to translate… the writing is really cute.

from dongwoo

“Dear Aunt Stephanie, Hello! This is Dongwoo the second son.
How are you doing, Stephanie? I miss you. I love you. Bye”


from beommo

This postcard is from Beom Mo, the first son (eldest).
He writes “Aunt Stephanie, Hello. It’s Beom Mo. Have you been doing well? I am good and the summer was good [or something like that.. haha clearly, my Korean skills aren’t that great]. I went to the beach and the waterpark. Have you been doing well, Stephanie? I really miss you. Next year, I will come to your wedding in Canada. I love you. Bye”

Seriously, I’m so lucky! These little guys are the best – ever! Thank you to my future sister in law, Yujeon Onnie for sending these over. Love and miss you all!