Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail to China! I recently got these vintage style postcards and plastic postal envelopes. I hope Stellar and Lemon enjoy this happy mail. I had fun writing and decorating these ones 🙂 Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.54.27 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.54.07 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.53.56 AM


Crafts and some Outgoing Mail

I was feeling crafty so I decided to revisit my collection of old paper goods, hoping that I could create something new. I used some stickers and deco tape to spice up these old library cards and added labels to pink victorian borders from an old book. Now, I can use these stickers on an envelope or send these vintage inspired cards out to friends.

IMG_3948 IMG_3945

I also sent two letters out today. One thing I really hate about Canada post is that whenever I ask for stamps they always give me the super boring ones. (In all fairness, I guess I should ask for a variety of different stamps but there is always a lineup or the representatives are so bitter so I don’t bother).

I’m really looking forward to the new “Legends” collection, featuring a variety of Canadian country artists. I’m not much of a country fan but new stamps are always nice. The only unfortunate thing is that they’re domestic.


I digress.  I like to add these sticker stamps to make the envelopes look less plain. Hopefully the receivers find these notes in their mailboxes soon enough!

Incoming Mail this Week

I am afraid I can’t keep up with all the incoming mail I’ve received this last week. I shouldn’t complain (I’m so overwhelmed by how awesome people are). Slowly I’m responding to everyone! Here is a preview of some stuff that made my mailbox very happy 🙂


Sarah (USA) sent her letter with two vintage postcards from the National Postal Museum. I also liked the Harry Potter forever stamp attached.


Another awesome stamp is this one from Kara (UK) which features a scene from “Bend it Like Beckham”. I love extra large stamps and this one is bigger than usual 🙂 woo hoo!


Sorry for the blurry-ness of these two photos (above and below)
Above: From Thea (Australia). I sent her a few blank postcards for a swap and one of them was an old library index card from my university. It just so happened that the book information on the card was related to her field (marine science). Who would have thought? Total fluke! So, she responded with a lengthy letter and three fantastic postcards.


Above: Dee sent me a letter from British Colombia with pretty stationery (that I have already used. It’s pretty!!) and a vogue postcard (starting to collect those).


Debbie made this envelope out of recycled paper. She’s so talented, really! I think her work is fantastic and I’m so happy that she’s one of my pen pals. Thanks Debbie!


Finally, my cousin out in Whistler, BC sent this local artist ad postcard. I am very excited to be moving out west at the end of the year.

I also received a letter from a fellow Torontonian (currently living in the same city as I am). She used some very pretty stamps to spice up her stationery. I have got to start doing that. It’s nice to have pen pals in Canada (as well as abroad). I’ve limited my sending to pen pal swaps instead of postcrossing. Although I do love postcrossing I’d rather send and receive from people who are interested in an ongoing correspondence.

Goodies from Theresa and Gabrielle

Theresa from USA sent me these very cool vintage postcards. In her envelope were also some Sandylion stickers (which take me back in time too) and a fairy/fantasy themed stationery set. I have started collecting vintage looking cards, especially the “vogue” postcards.


I also received this six page letter from fellow Canadian, Gabrielle. Her handwriting is just perfect and she also has artistic flair because of the cool handmade envelope. She included a postcard of  West Coast BC and I am so excited to witness the scenery firsthand. I will move there at the end of the year and I’m SO excited!

Incoming Mail

A gorgeous thank you card from Carol, Kara’s grandma.IMG_3519

 I didn’t expect this at all. A while back, Kara’s grandmother went in for surgery and (even though I don’t know her personally) I was on board with sending her a get well card. Such a lovely idea for Kara to organize this for her grandma. I am so happy that my card (and all of the other cards that were sent) reached her safely and made her day. Glad to hear that Carol is doing well.

It was so sweet to receive her thankful words.
I also love how the card is laser cut. It is so delicate and classy!


Maria sent this vintage ad card from Russia.

Here is a card from J Kim, my new pen pal in Korea.
She got this card (below) while she was visiting Turkey.



I’m really glad that we’re swapping because now it’ll give me more opportunity to read and write in Korean. Tonight I am taking part in a Korean-English language exchange.
Hopefully that goes well.
Looking forward to more sending and receiving this week 🙂



Incoming Postcards: May 19-29

In the last ten days I’ve received 31 pieces of mail!
Here are the postcards…

Postcards from USA (11), South Korea (2), Singapore (1), Finland (1), Thailand (1), Russia (1), Canada (1), France (1), Bulgaria (1), Japan (1), Germany (1), Latvia (1) and Slovenia (1).

The card on the bottom left had some really fun stamps.
I’ll have to save those for another post though.


The postcard on the top right (below) I took upside down (ha, sorry!)
But it’s a pretty amazing vintage card called “Navigating Train Stations”.


Four out of the five postcards below have writing in a different language.

Top right (above) says “All obstacles and difficulties are steps on which we climb in attitude”.
I’m not sure about the quote on far bottom left (below) card but on the back there is a quote written. It says “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein.