New washi tape!

Can’t wait to decorate some new envelopes with this tape.
To all the washi-tape lovers out there…
How do you use washi?? Any DIY ideas?




  1. This is like the PERFECT Washi tape for happy mails and snialmails! 😀 Lucky you! I’ll probably be doing a DIY Washi tape video in the future, to show some of the possibilities of Washi tape. :3

  2. I have that one, too, picked it up at a local Daiso! So far, my use for washi tape has been on postcards, as a line of demarcation between the mail-to address and my message.

  3. 😮 Really!? I did not know that! I didn’t see any when I was in San Francisco. That’s really good to know! 🙂

  4. Lovely! I like to ”make” my own unique stationery using blank, white or coloured printing paper, washi tape and doodles. Even just a strip of colourful tape at the top can liven things up 🙂

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