decorative tape

Gift Package from Abroad


My boyfriend came back from Korea with tons of goodies for me!
Before making his way home after a three week business trip he headed over to Kyobo and loaded his luggage with all this fun stuff.
Aren’t I lucky? I won’t have to go supply shopping for a while.

IMG_0005This might be my first set of decorative masking tape.
Woohoo! Things are about to get crafty!

IMG_0013I was shocked to see over a dozen of these beautiful hangul poems and drawings.
He bought them while at a book cafe, knowing I’d find good use for them. The only problem is that they are too difficult for me to understand, but gorgeous nonetheless!~


IMG_0007 IMG_0009
More pretty decorations and unique seals.
Thank you 남자 친구 🙂 Can’t wait to start sending!