New washi tape!

Can’t wait to decorate some new envelopes with this tape.
To all the washi-tape lovers out there…
How do you use washi?? Any DIY ideas?



Outgoing mail 

Today’s outgoing mail! Some letters going out to Tamara, Marlene and Carmen… a postcard to Melissa and little packages to Tomomi and Jessica.           

Tea from The Netherlands!

Who doesn’t love getting individually packaged tea bags from half way across the world? Kelly sent these to me all the way from The Netherlands. I can’t wait to steep a cup for myself this morning. Thank you Kelly!



Incoming Letters from some fabulous Ladies

A stack of letters has accumulated over the last week. These lovely ladies sent amazing cards, as usual! So grateful to have such amazing pen pals.
IMG_4119A victorian style stationery set with a Hello Kitty envelope: From Anne in Canada

A super cute birthday letter: From Emma in the UK!! 🙂

I haven’t heard from Tanja in Slovenia for a really long time, but I was happy to get this letter from her! A reply is on its way!


A letter with an”Old Town Alexandria” Postcard and a beautiful birthday card: From Sarah

A handwritten note and some fun stamps from Rachel in South Korea


and finally… From Debbie in the UK. She makes her own envelopes and has some incredible mail art. A very talented lady 🙂

I love each and every one of these! Thank you 😀

Incoming Mail this Week

I am afraid I can’t keep up with all the incoming mail I’ve received this last week. I shouldn’t complain (I’m so overwhelmed by how awesome people are). Slowly I’m responding to everyone! Here is a preview of some stuff that made my mailbox very happy 🙂


Sarah (USA) sent her letter with two vintage postcards from the National Postal Museum. I also liked the Harry Potter forever stamp attached.


Another awesome stamp is this one from Kara (UK) which features a scene from “Bend it Like Beckham”. I love extra large stamps and this one is bigger than usual 🙂 woo hoo!


Sorry for the blurry-ness of these two photos (above and below)
Above: From Thea (Australia). I sent her a few blank postcards for a swap and one of them was an old library index card from my university. It just so happened that the book information on the card was related to her field (marine science). Who would have thought? Total fluke! So, she responded with a lengthy letter and three fantastic postcards.


Above: Dee sent me a letter from British Colombia with pretty stationery (that I have already used. It’s pretty!!) and a vogue postcard (starting to collect those).


Debbie made this envelope out of recycled paper. She’s so talented, really! I think her work is fantastic and I’m so happy that she’s one of my pen pals. Thanks Debbie!


Finally, my cousin out in Whistler, BC sent this local artist ad postcard. I am very excited to be moving out west at the end of the year.

I also received a letter from a fellow Torontonian (currently living in the same city as I am). She used some very pretty stamps to spice up her stationery. I have got to start doing that. It’s nice to have pen pals in Canada (as well as abroad). I’ve limited my sending to pen pal swaps instead of postcrossing. Although I do love postcrossing I’d rather send and receive from people who are interested in an ongoing correspondence.

Postage prices

Wondering if my British pen pals will send less since the price of postage will increase by the end of the month. Found this info from the article “Which country has the most expensive postal charges?


They say that “In the BBC’s survey of 65 countries around the world, Norway’s $1.67 (£1.05) postage still comes out on top.” I wonder if this is for domestic postage or international. Canadian prices are $0.85 domestic and $2.50 international.


For Peruvians to send a letter the cost is just as much as travelling “across the Peruvian capital, Lima, three times in a bus.” Yes, that’s a lot of money for Peruvians.

It would be nice to have the same postage prices as in Bangladesh. Only $0.05 to mail a letter. Incredible! I wish the prices were similar (and affordable) worldwide. Sigh.