New washi tape!

Can’t wait to decorate some new envelopes with this tape.
To all the washi-tape lovers out there…
How do you use washi?? Any DIY ideas?



Outgoing mail 

Today’s outgoing mail! Some letters going out to Tamara, Marlene and Carmen… a postcard to Melissa and little packages to Tomomi and Jessica.           

Outgoing mail to Skiye & Ayako

Earlier this month I posted about some DIY envelopes that I made. They are super easy to fold and a cute way to send some happy mail! These letters are going out to Skiye and Ayako! Hope you enjoy receiving them as much as I loved getting them ready to send to you 😉

Upcycle Project – An Outdated Calendar

Moving means tossing out lots of old junk, but it’s also exciting to find old stuff and use it again… in a different way. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! I used an old calendar to make some note cards and envelopes.



A great surprise from Gabrielle

Last week I received this letter from Gabrielle out west. She decorates each envelope so beautifully. The paper used is so delicate and her handwriting is exquisite. She also enclosed this old book card. Those born pre 90s will remember that we had to write our names on this card to sign each book out. Surprisingly, my younger friend had no idea what this was. Thank you Gabrielle, for your letter… But also for bringing back old memories with this extra gift!