Japan Bound!

Heading out to Fukuoka tomorrow!
Japanese friends, any advice about where to visit for stationery goods??

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.40.21 PM


Gift Package from Abroad


My boyfriend came back from Korea with tons of goodies for me!
Before making his way home after a three week business trip he headed over to Kyobo and loaded his luggage with all this fun stuff.
Aren’t I lucky? I won’t have to go supply shopping for a while.

IMG_0005This might be my first set of decorative masking tape.
Woohoo! Things are about to get crafty!

IMG_0013I was shocked to see over a dozen of these beautiful hangul poems and drawings.
He bought them while at a book cafe, knowing I’d find good use for them. The only problem is that they are too difficult for me to understand, but gorgeous nonetheless!~


IMG_0007 IMG_0009
More pretty decorations and unique seals.
Thank you 남자 친구 🙂 Can’t wait to start sending!

Incoming & Outgoing – May 11

Incoming Mail:
Sarah sent me this beautiful card with three postcards.
It was a long long letter! Everything was so pretty — the envelope, cards and even the stamps she chose. Simply a pleasure to have received this. Thank you!


Here is her reply. Going out tomorrow!
More outgoing mail:
A small note to Rachel and three postcards to swap partners in the US.
The cards are from Mexico, Cambodia and Egypt.
IMG_0147I’ve gathered a lot of postcards during my travels. Excited to send them all away!

Our Visit to Moab

My boyfriend, Kiuk, and I spent three days in Moab. We visited Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. The greatest stop was at False Kiva, a truly remarkable class II archaeological site. Here are some photos of our travels along with more information about False Kiva at the very end.

IMG_1355Mesa Arch

IMG_1114Wilson Arch



IMG_0953 IMG_0974Dead Horse Point

IMG_0993  IMG_1130 Petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock


A kiva is a room used by modern Puebloans for religious rituals. They call this one (below) the false Kiva because the circle of rocks is of unknown origin, not the kiva itself. Yes, ancient peoples lived here.


Why did we decided to come to False Kiva? Twenty years ago Kiuk bought a large framed photo of this very scene. It is still hanging in his room back in Korea. He’s always dreamed of coming here. The view was absolutely spectacular. Hopefully, in twenty years we will have the opportunity to visit again. We wrote this little story in a comment book on site. 


Initially, I didn’t want to come because it’s a rough hike, there are no signs or indications on the map. The reason False Kiva’s whereabouts aren’t offered easily is because, since it’s a class II archeological site and people have somewhat destroyed parts of the kiva, the park does not want it to become a tourist spot. Which I agree with in a sense, yet on the other hand it’s a glorious site and people should witness the beauty.

I am glad I followed Kiuk’s lead on this one! We had such a great time 🙂

For information on how to get to this spot ask the park rangers at the “Island In the Sky” Information centre located in Canyonlands.


A Memory Between Us

I’ve gone on trips with my friends and we’ve written down memories and quotes, often looked back and laughed at them, but this kickstart project takes it to a whole other level.

Draw and/or write details about what you’ve eaten or seen (and more) during your travels.

This is a truly beautiful, well thought out design.
What an excellent way to log your memories!


I love how every finished product will differ depending on the trip and author.
Above are some finished examples of what your potential memories might look like.


Here are some of the beautiful cards that come inside this lovely packet.

If I wasn’t a broke unemployed gal right now (sob) I would support this project.
Click here to see the video and kickstarter page.

I wish it lots of success!

You Can Mail That!?

Attention postal pals. Get ready for this.

Here are 21 things you’d be Surprised you can Actually Mail.


How cute is this? What a fine idea! Fill a bottle with supplies and mail out.


Easter is on it’s way. You can send some candy filled eggs.
Slap on some stamps and put them in the mailbox.


This one is my all-time favourite.
I’m sending out a flip flop next time I go on vacation.

Post on, friends!

From NYC to California

My new guilty pleasure is Beyonce’s XO video. It was filmed at the Coney Island Amusement Park in Brooklyn, New York. People flocked to this spot during the first half of the 20th century, but after the Second World War there was a drastic decline in attendance… and then there was hurricane Sandy that caused a great deal of damage.

I came to the realization that I probably liked Beyonce’s video because it reminded me so much of the vintage carnival feel down in Santa Monica. I visited California in January and spent some time hanging around Muscle Beach, Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier.

Coney Island and Santa Monica look pretty similar, don’t they?

images Unknown images-1 Unknown-1

I haven’t been to Coney Island but I can tell you a bit about Santa Monica Pier.

Music, sweet smelling churros, tattoo shops, unique artists and locals left my senses in a whirl. The Santa Monica Pier, created in 1909, is famous for it’s iconic ferris wheel. The pier was once a place for frequent fishers, yet after an amusement park and carousel were built, it grew in popularity. Fifty thousand people were in attendance at the grand opening of the La Monica ballroom in 1924. This was the biggest ballroom in the world at the time, but was unsuccessful due to the great depression.

During the depression, a retired sailor donated a portion of his catch to feed hungry families. The man’s name was Olaf C. Olsen and he was the inspiration behind the comic character Popeye.

 Popeye the Sailor Man Olive Oyl

In the mid-1930s Charlie Chaplain became one of the first owners of a spot to house his watercraft at the new Yacht Harbour. Santa Monica’s pop culture flair would continue throughout the century.


Water sports thrived and after the war had ended, once again, the pier became an entertainment hot spot.



Artists and activists poured into the community during the 60s. Then, decades later, a tragic winter storm tore off a third of the pier. Much work was invested in rebuilding and revitalizing this historic treasure. Remaining true to it’s history, Santa Monica pier is certainly a place for everyone. Catch a bite to eat. Some seafood or a delicious funnel cake, perhaps. Whether you’re interested in fishing, riding the roller coaster, playing a few carnival games or relaxing at sunset, Santa Monica is definitely one of LA’s must see hot spots.


This place is magical. Wish I could go back.
Missing you, California.