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Received my first Snailmail !!

Update: Jessica received my outgoing mail 🙂


Hey there!!

How are you all doing? 😉 I am very excited to share with you “my first ever snailmail”! There is just something about checking your post daily and knowing you will be receiving an oldfashioned letter! I was lucky to get to know some people through instagram and blogs to have find some penpals! I even received a little “Happy mail”! To start of with this picture:


So this was the first snailmail! I got this cute “homemade” envelop from Stephanie from South-Korea! I love how she used magazine paper to make it! It looks really unique. Beside the cute letter she wrote me she gave me some Korean tea! I will try that out very soon! She also gave me some Korean coffee. I’m so curious to try Korean products, so I’m very excited! She also gave me “Tiny Cute Stationery”! Just look at that little envelop…

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Upcycle Project – An Outdated Calendar

Moving means tossing out lots of old junk, but it’s also exciting to find old stuff and use it again… in a different way. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! I used an old calendar to make some note cards and envelopes.



Lots of Outgoing Letters

Today I’m sending out 8 cards. It’s been a while! I’ve finally had some time to sit down and write.

5 international, 2 domestic (Canadian) and 1 US. Sending to Debbie in the UK, Renate in Germany, Tanja in Slovenia, Rachel in South Korea and Thea in Australia. Then to Amber and Gabrielle, fellow canucks and Sarah in the US.

Soon to come… All the incoming mail i’ve received. Snail mail can be slow and we may not always get a response on time but it’s well worth the wait when we do get it, right? Thanks to all my very awesome and very patient pen pals!



Tea from The Netherlands!

Who doesn’t love getting individually packaged tea bags from half way across the world? Kelly sent these to me all the way from The Netherlands. I can’t wait to steep a cup for myself this morning. Thank you Kelly!



A surprise postcard!

Couldn’t agree more with this quote: “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” Indeed!!

Em's Den


The lovely Katharina in Germany was waiting for my letter to arrive but it got lost in the post (hence my second attempt letter that you can see in my previous post). In the meantime, she sent this postcard to update me on what she’s been up to and it was a lovely surprise! 🙂

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Handmade Envelopes

Instead of throwing away old magazines why not make your own envelopes? Here are some recent outgoing letters that I stuffed into envelopes made from folded Korean magazine paper. I had finished reading (or at least attempted to read) a free magazine and I love the look of Hangul so I thought I’d recycle by turning all that waste into fun envelopes.



Once you decorate them with stickers and stamps they really come together.


You can check out the folding template below.


I was inspired by this handmade newspaper envelope that I received from a friend out in BC.
The design possibilities are endless and each envelope is different. They are all so unique because of the fact that no two pages in a magazine are the same 🙂



I think it makes letters extra special when you decide to send an envelope with some colour or print instead of a plain white one. In any case, these were fun to make and now I have a huge stack of them. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂